Thoth Incense

  • $10.00

Thoth Incense is formulated to strengthen the connection to the Ibis-Headed Egyptian God of Wisdom. Known as the Lord of Knowledge, Thoth is the Master of Balance that presides over physical and moral law. He assists in any matters dealing with knowledge and understanding, magic, language and writing, mathematics, interpretation, medicine, and music.

Each of the Egyptian Deities have a corresponding life within us and within nature. Thoth Incense assists us in connecting to this aspect, learning from him, and purifying our connection and relationship with him. 

2oz Jar. Oil sold separately. 

Our Incenses are intended for use on high-quality charcoal briquettes designed for the burning of incense. Depending on the Incense, they contain blends of resins, herbs, and high-quality essential oils to elicit a strong and elevated connection to the corresponding force / deity.