Mercury Incense

  • $10.00

Mercury Incense is formulated to evoke within the practitioner the highest qualities of Mercury and its influential energies. As the planet that governs communication, Mercury rules over divination, prediction, and learning. Mercury Incense is useful for any rites or practices that involve communication, negotiation, divination, prediction, magic, illusion, learning, study, teaching, inventions, medicine, self improvement, and celibacy. It can also be used for the purposes of communing with the many spirits and angels corresponding to Mercury, as well as a devotional incense on Wednesdays.

2oz Jar. Oil sold separately. 

Our Incenses are intended for use on high-quality charcoal briquettes designed for the burning of incense. Depending on the Incense, they contain blends of resins, herbs, and high-quality essential oils to elicit a strong and elevated connection to the corresponding force / deity.