Aroueris Oil

  • $7.00

Aroueris Oil is formulated to strengthen the connection to the Falcon-Headed God who bears the crown of both Upper and Lower Egypt. He is also known as Horus the Elder, Osiris in Motion, the Experienced One, and the Wise One. With his right eye the sun and left eye the moon, Aroueris keeps a watchful eye over the direction of an initiate, watching over them protectively and alerting them to potential pitfalls on their path. Aroueris assists with cutting through illusion and ignorance, his wisdom and counsel aiding with deep perception beyond those of normal senses.

Each of the Egyptian Deities have a corresponding life within us and within nature. Aroueris Oil assists us in connecting to this aspect, learning from him, and purifying our connection and relationship with him.

2 Drams. Incense sold separately.

Our oils are made from a blend of high-quality essential oils to elicit a strong and elevated connection to the corresponding force/deity. They can be applied directly on the skin or mixed with water in an aromatherapy oil diffuser.