About Us

The Golden Dawn Collegium Spiritu Sancti is a Hermetic Fraternity and Occult School dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity. Here, the principles of the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetics, Occult Science, Esoteric Knowledge, and Practical Mysticism are passed down, from teacher to student, for the further progression of their individual spiritual paths and callings. Ours is a practical school wherein diligent study and practice are carefully guided to produce the Great and Inner Initiation within each of our members, while they artistically apply and practice their Arcane Knowledge in the outer laboratory of Reality. Above and beyond this, we are a fellowship of like-minded individuals, brought together by fraternal bonds formed of mental, emotional, and spiritual revelatory experiences.

The Golden Dawn Marketplace is born from these esoteric practices. We initially began to offer custom blended incenses and oils to our members as a service intended to assist their personal practices and have since then came to realize the importance of high quality products and magical implements to spiritual pursuits. As such, we now make our incenses and oils, implements, regalia, and tools accessible to the greater occult and magical community.

We are a volunteer organization that strives to provide our magical brothers and sisters the highest quality of service possible to assist on the path of personal spiritual exploration, learning, and development. We sincerely hope you find as much enjoyment and satisfaction with these products as we have over the last decade.